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Check out my Rebel Magazine interview!

During my career as a teacher, I have met many phenomenal people, from all walks of life. I have learned about their journeys as we spend our days today. A few years ago, at a new school and in a new role, I was nervous about my first professional development presentation. Meeting a full room of teachers can be intimidating. I wanted to share an uplifting message to carry us forward into a new school year, while also not doing something that teachers would feel was a time waster. In the days prior to the first day, teachers are anxious to prepare their picture-perfect classrooms, create welcoming packets and nametags, and plan out their first few days of instruction. I will share more about that PD in a later post (look for the Freebie that you could use or modify at your own workplace at that time). One of the most satisfying moments was after the PD when a lovely teacher approached me and said she knew we would be fast friends and told the story of a time when she shared a similar life experience, including how we each find magic in everyday moments. A lover of fairy tales, my own backyard becomes the setting for much of my inspiration and current project with a children's book.

As our friendship grew, I learned that she is a published author and motivational speaker. She has since moved on from the teaching profession to pursue her passions (learn more here: Dream Life Playbook with Angela Tezeno - YouTube), but her impact has remained with me. She recommended my name to Rebel Magazine, and I had the opportunity to share how I got started with my blog and where I am going next with creative endeavors.

I hope you learn something new that you can incorporate into your next steps!

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