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What role does power play in your life? Check out my podcast interview with Angela Tezeno!

I met Angela a few years ago when we worked at an elementary school together. Her passion for everything in life (this lady goes big!) inspired me as her colleague. When she retired from teaching at the end of last year, I was so sad

for education, but so very happy for her new adventure! She is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, and has many cool projects underway. I was very honored to join her for this session. Hope you find something that resonates!

From Angela:

I’m elated to announce that the PB&J Podcast episode, “The Secret to the Sauce: How to Embrace Your Power and Not Overpower w/ Stephanie Blamires” is LIVE.  You can access and share the episode on the following platforms:


Watch on YouTube:




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1 Comment

Dondra Parham
Dondra Parham
Nov 15, 2023

What an inspiring conversation! Angela is a gem as are you.

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