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Fall Turns True Blue

Fall is my favorite season of the year, hands down! My loyal Jeep, True Blue, helps me load all manner of seasonal paraphernalia, ranging from cornstalks to hay bales, to cute signs and decor, and transport it safely home.

In the remaining light of last week's Blue Moon, I dedicate this post to adding a touch of blue to your Fall decor. Earthy, bright, beautiful blue! This photo was taken on my way to school the morning after the Blue Moon. I pass by this little country cemetery every day and love the constantly fresh bouquets and the ways our community honors those who have passed on to their next big adventure. As a teacher, Fall reminds me that time is passing, and that this season is one to be savored.

To create your own Ode to Fall, gather your favorite decorating materials. It is fun to select a slightly unexpected color to add to the materials. In this case, I want to mix various shades of blue in with my classic Fall-themed decor. I find it helpful to just lay everything out so that I have an overview of my options.

For me, it works well to group items into main categories of interest. This works for all types of seasonal displays. With blue as my accent color, I want to make sure it is represented in all of my groupings: florals, pumpkins, fairy houses, plates, mushrooms, and soft goods.

I like to place the soft goods first. In this case, the foundation includes a runner and a plaid fabric swag. The purpose here is to create a base on which to build your scene. I love the neutrality of my black sideboard, and with the addition of a runner, it is transformed into a new look that still works with black. I like to use cake stands in the color of the season as well as book stacks to elevate and bring attention to particular pieces, in this case the little pumpkin/Fall houses I have collected over the years. For several years after I got divorced, my Mom would come to visit me for a week in September, to ease the changing of the seasons and to help me begin decorating for the cooler months. This tradition has continued, and it feels me with nostalgia to reminisce on many of these little purchases that were made with her at some of our favorite gift shops, many of which have not survived Amazon, big box retailers, and Covid!

Looking at the scene as a whole, I decided the swag detracted from the overall impression, and decided to place it on the mirror above instead of on the sideboard. I could also see that the fall leaves and blue florals were very much needed to soften the overall feel of the display and to tie it all together. My final touch is usually to add a bit of whimsy to the display. In this case, the leaf fairies are the perfect fit. You have to look carefully to find them, and once you do, it brings the whole scene to life. You can see the story being written!Top it off with your favorite signs or quotes, and the display is ready to be enjoyed by your guests and visitors! Setting lights on a timer makes this my favorite part of the house to come home to after a long day at work.

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Sep 06, 2023

I love the idea of using fall themed plates as decor. I received a few last year and just used them as food platters. Thanks for the tip!

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