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Kitchen Remodel-Step 4 and Final

Once you get rolling on your renovation, things quickly begin to take shape. For the novice home renovation thrill seeker, believe me, there will be plenty of thrills, but not quite the kind you hope for. Since my kitchen is small (tiny even, compared to most of my friends), it is nevertheless a space that I love. I believe kitchens are for dancing, kissing, displaying simply lovely and meaningful fresh flower bouquets (more about that in a different blog), and eating beautiful food from my favorite local carryout establishments.

In this photo, you can see the immediate difference paint makes to the overall look of the space. In smaller spaces, white can be a nice option to maximize the look and feel of size.

Not long after the paint, the pesky island was moved out of the way. Electricity complicates every job, so it helps to be cognizant and even vigilant about where the electricity is currently located, and if it makes sense for your new design. In my case, moving the island was just necessary to clear the space and make room for the flooring to be laid.

I have some dark wood floors throughout the rest of the house and wanted to pick something lighter and brighter for the kitchen space. With a sliding glass door, it gets a ton of natural light. This ceramic tile has some life and variation to it and has proven to be a good choice for me!

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a clear BEFORE & AFTER picture of your project. Make sure that you take a few photos from a variety of angles before you begin your next renovation.

My favorite part of finishing a room is going back in with soft goods and creating a meaningful space and narrative with things I love. In this room, I added back some warmth with wood-toned artwork and a couple favorite books. No room is complete without the beauty of book spines!

Live your own inspired life with cozy kitchen decor!

Until next time, keep creating!

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