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I Wonder...

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I wonder how my life might have been different, if not for the singulary unique slant and letter formation of handwritten work. An early left-hander, like my Dad, the California school system of the early 1970s deemed it best that students use their right hand to write. So, me and my friend George spent recess at the picnic tables on the playground learning how to write with our "other"hand. It is funny looking back, because if my memory is correct, George and I, with our lefty scrawls, had easily the best penmanship in class. Even today, I hold the pencil as a lefty would, and do all of life's chores, like eating, with my left hand! This early experience shaped me because I had to pay attention to the way I formed my letters now, a skill that had come so easily with my left hand. As I pondered the shape of each letter, I dreamed stories in my mind, dreamed of where letters and words would take me someday.

Certainly, my background in education in general, and English in particular, have predisposed me to the sensitivities of the written word; the subtle nuances, the lines and phrases that stay with you for a lifetime. I declared at the age of six that I would one day publish a book, and that fearless declaration has followed me to this day. In the ensuing years, I have held on to that early dream, and have worked on a variety of manuscripts, ranging from colorful children’s books to realistic fiction and modern fantasy for teenagers and adults. These are endeavors I am still pursuing. I never could have dreamed as a young child that one day, we could, each and every one of us, become authors with the click of a button. PUBLISH, the glowing blue button encourages each of us. As the mural included below suggests, "What are you waiting for?" Here we go!

I am now a teacher, still a lover of words. I received an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University, where I studied Sociology. I attended the College of William & Mary, where I worked towards a degree in Elementary Education, completed later at the University of Colorado-Boulder, and became an elementary school teacher. I now hold a Master of Arts from Adams State University, where I studied Curriculum and Instructional Design. I have additional endorsements to teach English K-12, as well as Gifted & Talented education. I have taught in private, public, and charter school settings during my teaching career of more than 20 years, and currently teach Writing to 5th graders. During my tenure, I have been honored as Teacher of the Year, and served in both appointed and elected positions on school governance boards.

Art mural on brick wall
What are YOU waiting for to change your life?


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